Conception, Development and Implementation of Software as a Service

Start Date: 
Fri, 2011-09-02
End Date: 
Mon, 2013-04-01
Programming/modeling techniques: 
PHP, MVC, Multi-tenant architecture, MySQL, SaaS
Accomplished. Available for download

SelfStir provides web-based people development services to individuals and corporations.

I worked with an exciting agile team starting from conception to implementation, on all the thrilling and challenging requirements that are essential for the success of, the first Free 360 Degree Feedback tool building a community around it.


My continuous work and achievments as a Scrum Master and Software as a Service Architect includes and not limited to:

  • Played pivotal role in architecting a scalable SaaS application – AWS.
  • Transferred knowledge with leadership and technical expertise between business requirements and technical team.
  • Held workshops that leverage best practices in sustaining a professional technical path with agility. 
  • Conceived, planned and contributed in the development lifecycle of – PHP.
  • Contributed in solving coding impediments with peers.
  • Conceived database structure from UML to physical implementation – MySQL
  • And lot's of underlying fun at the office :)


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